About Us

Chadko Wire Shelving Enclosure Systems was started in 2002 by the President of the company, Carrie Frifeldt, who designed, developed and patented the product. The product was developed out of a need to organize and enhance limited living space. When the company first began Chadko carried 6 sizes of liners and 11 sizes of enclosure kits available in 6 colors. Chadko now makes over 60 sizes of liners and over 40 sizes of enclosure kits available in 14 colors of PVC, translucent polypropylene, clear acrylic, black polypropylene as well as cherry and teak wood grain polynylon liners.

About Our Liners

Chadko liners are sleek and durable, moisture and chemical resistant and easily cleaned with glass cleaner. They are custom cut to fit around both square and round posts and to lay flush between the support wires.
Chadko liners are functional and stylish. They help keep items more stable on wire shelving, stop smaller objects from falling through the wires and keep dust from coming up from the floor. With 14 colors to choose from they will match any decor.
The Enclosure Kits allow you to use your wire shelving unit to store unsightly objects, cover up clutter, and add more functionality to your shelving. They cover one entire shelf and snap into place with no tools needed.